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25 March 2013 @ 00:19
o6 ∞ Amanda Seyfried, James McAvoy, Being Human and a few more.  
I realised I haven't made a single post since October which seems like... quite a long time. Then I realised I haven't really made that much icons since October to make a post here which seems... quite horrible. I had to change computers in November and this new one absolutely killed my muse. Everything looks so different, the touchpad feels different and for the first time since making icons I see a tremendous difference between my icons in PS and outside of it. It's like the colours are sucked out of the icon after saving anything (even when saving for web) and I don't know what to do about it. :c Changed the colour settings to those of my monitor and this seems to do the trick.

Anyway, I scraped together some icons - some new and some... rather old(ish) but not yet posted - to get a new post up and to show you there's still life in this community. :3

→ 03 Amanda Seyfried
→ 02 James McAvoy, Being Human (UK)
→ 01 Legend of the Seeker, Misfits, Sailor Moon
→ 02 The Pillars of the Earth
→ 01 The Vampire Diaries
→ 02 Veronica Mars, Titanic
→ 01 Big Fish, Atonement, Burlesque

pizza queen: Bond/enjoying deathace_of_spades6 on 25th March 2013 01:20 (UTC)
Wow gorgeous everything
» bis die wolken wieder lila sind.: amanda → les miserablessheeplover0104 on 29th March 2013 17:43 (UTC)
Thank you so much! ♥
Frust-sheep: sheep: in coloursfrust_sheep on 25th March 2013 20:36 (UTC)
Wonderful icons! :)
» bis die wolken wieder lila sind.: amanda → les miserablessheeplover0104 on 29th March 2013 17:44 (UTC)
Thank you! ♥
i'm not really a waitress...: movie. spirited away.raiindust on 27th March 2013 05:30 (UTC)
The natural colouring of #2 is amazing. I love the softness of it all, with the gorgeous use of negative space and beautiful crop. #5 is stunning as well, I really, really love the texture work there, and the tan colours are beautiful. I loooove #15, the rich vibrancy is stunning and the two-tone colour scheme works beautifully, and the vibrancy and crop and texture work of #19 is amazing. Gorgeous stuff!
» bis die wolken wieder lila sind.: amanda → les miserablessheeplover0104 on 29th March 2013 17:47 (UTC)
Oh wow, thank you so, so much for this wonderful comment! I'm so glad you like #2, it's one of my favourites in this batch. ♥
whatthedeuce: matt bomer - holy fucklibrary_of_sex on 27th March 2013 07:26 (UTC)
OMG. Dying for how sexy and subtle that second icon is! The coloring and lighting are lovely! Ughhhh, her skin and hair contrast so well with all the surrounding darkness. That piece just really captivates me cuz I wanna do something that simple and pretty just once! Love 3 as well. Good grief, the rosy background is so pretty, and again, the contrast in her skin is perfect. 5 is sexxxy. Jesus Christ! Loving the low contrast there. It reminds me of someone's work but can't recall who at the moment. Just amazing though! Ooooh, that crop in 13 is yummy. Very yummy. So golden and shiny, too! SO GLAD YOU'RE FINALLY POSTING AGAIN, ANI GIRL! <3
» bis die wolken wieder lila sind.: amanda → les miserablessheeplover0104 on 29th March 2013 17:56 (UTC)
Yay, so, so happy that you like the second icon. Amanda looks so beautiful (her hair, OMG) and I really wanted the icon to capture this. Yes to 5 and the sexiness of James.

OMG I'm really glad, too! I think I'm finally getting back into iconmaking. My muse absolutely bailed on my after the laptop change but I hope she's staying with me now.

Thanks so much for your lovely and kind comment, dear! It's greatly appreciated. ♥
12feethigh: ❅got »renly »is he a ham?12feethigh on 29th March 2013 18:33 (UTC)
no5 is so pretty :3
Frust-sheep: sheep: in coloursfrust_sheep on 29th March 2013 19:22 (UTC)
Wonderful as always! :)
magical_sid: Leomagical_sid on 29th March 2013 21:14 (UTC)
Oh so viele schöne Sachen.
Leo <3 und James <3 und überhaupt. Dieser Post macht mich glücklich. Ich schnapp mir in jedem Falle den Leo/Titanic Icon und den zweiten James Icon (wenn ich doch nur mal dazu käme meinen auszuwechseln, nun ja.)
Die VM Icons sind auch klasse. Ganz tolle Farben im zweiten.
★★★★★: sacredlith5imaginaireum on 30th March 2013 14:31 (UTC)
lovely colorings, amazing icons!
Danielle: dc comics - steph blue and pinkdeternot on 31st March 2013 05:16 (UTC)
That second icon is so perfect and gorgeous!