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07 June 2013 @ 13:04
o7 ∞ James McAvoy, Les Mis, Misfits  
Sooooooo... Long time, no see. :3 I'm taking the opportunity of having a working Internet connection right now to make a quick post with some recent icons. Almost all of these were made for the7days and the non-elite version 7by7 respectively. Hope you enjoy! ♥

→ 03 Atonement
→ 06 several James McAvoy movies, TV shows or Theatre Productions (Children of Dune, Macbeth, Becoming Jane, Penelope, Shakespeare Re-Told: Macbeth, X-Men)
→ 01 Amanda Seyfried
→ 07 Les Misérables
→ 07 Misfits

a random javascript function: doctor who tardis repetitionjsfunction on 7th June 2013 14:35 (UTC)
Gorgeous!! Your lighting, composition and text use are amazing in the whole batch. What magic did you use in 5?? It's perfect! Love the texture use and composition. I really dig 1, 3 (both are text perfection), 7 (amazing deep colors here), 10 (sublime composition, texturing and coloring) and 23 (love the crop and coloring), and ofc I still adore the Les Mis set for the the7days battle :>
Frust-sheep: ship: Atonement-movie coverfrust_sheep on 7th June 2013 15:41 (UTC)
Beautiful icons! I love especially the Atonement icons. ;D
LUNAazul: ChArLeS/eRiK#1moniklaa on 8th June 2013 06:59 (UTC)
Wonderful icons!
natchris: Clara and 11natchris on 8th June 2013 09:06 (UTC)
Awesome work :)
i'm not really a waitress...: actress. natalie dormer.raiindust on 26th June 2013 00:49 (UTC)
#14 is ridiculously beautiful. Amazing colour combination and absolutely gorgeous composition and text work. #20 is stunning as well, amazing crop and wonderful contrast!
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bohemiengrlbohemiengrl on 16th November 2016 02:28 (UTC)
Sooooooo Long time no see 3 I'm taking the opportunity of having a working Internet connection right